19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (2023)

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Need a little inspiration for your next friendship bracelet project? Check out this list of the very best friendship bracelet patterns for beginners. You’ll find all sorts of fun and easy designs, like the chevron friendship bracelet pattern, a simple braid, the candy stripe friendship bracelet, and so much more.

Keep reading to see all of the different patterns, plus lots of tips for making fun friendship bracelets.

19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (1)

Making friendship bracelets is practically a rite of passage! It’s one of those nostalgic activities that we all remember from our days at summer camp.

Friendship bracelets are the perfect easy craft – all you need to get started is some colorful embroidery floss and a pattern! I love that friendship bracelets are portable, too – just attach them to your jeans with a safety pin, and you can tie them while you ride along on a summer road trip.

Plus, a sophisticated friendship bracelet makes a great gift for your best friends.

To inspire your next creation, I’ve rounded up my favorite beginner-friendly friendship bracelet patterns. These free and easy patterns will show you how to make all sorts of cool designs, including 3 strand braids, diagonal stripes, chevrons, spiral staircases, zipper bracelets, and more!

How to Make Friendship Bracelets

If you are new to making friendship bracelets, you may be wondering where to start. If so, check out this How to Make Friendship Bracelets guide. This beginner guide will walk you through your first friendship bracelet from the first knot to the last.

Bracelet Making Supplies

You don’t need many materials to make friendship bracelets – just a few different colors of thread or embroidery floss. Here is a list of my recommend friendship bracelet supplies. And if you need help picking out your colors of embroidery threads, check out this guide to friendship bracelet color ideas.

You’ll also need to set up your work area with enough space to work. I like to tie my bracelets on a flat surface, like a tabletop or clipboard. You can also attach the large knot at the top of the bracelet to your jeans with a safety pin.

How to Read Patterns

Friendship bracelets are made by tying simple knots on strands of floss. If you haven’t made bracelets in a while, it’s a good idea to review how to tie the basic knots, like the forward knot and the backward knot.

Then, if you need help reading any of the patterns, including how to decipher a pattern chart, check out this article: How to Read Friendship Bracelet Patterns.

Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Ready to make your own friendship bracelets? Grab your floss, and let’s get started. I’ll start with the easiest friendship bracelets made with only two strings. After that, we’ll work our way up to bracelets made with more stands, like the chevron pattern and diamond pattern.

19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners

A collection of the very best friendship bracelet patterns for beginners. You'll find all sorts of different patterns, like chevrons, braids, stripes, hearts, and so much more.


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (2)

Alternating Knots Bracelet

Photo Credit:sarahmaker.com

This is the simplest frienship bracelet I know. It’s made with only two colors of string, and it’s a great way to practice your hitch knots.


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (3)

Zipper Bracelet

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/265903_may26/

This easy pattern is made from 3 strings - two outer strings and one base string. Alternate tying knots with the outer string around the base string to give this bracelet design a zipper "look".

You can use embroidery floss or thicker hemp or yarn for a chunkier look.


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (4)

Three Strand Braid

Photo Credit:www.animatedknots.com

You can't go wrong with a basic 3-strand braided bracelet. This is a great way to use up smaller pieces of string that you may have leftover from other bracelet projects.

(Video) 3 EASY BEGINNERS FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS || Twisted, Striped, & Chevron ||


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (5)

Spiral Staircase Friendship Bracelet

Photo Credit:www.instructables.com

This spiral bracelet, also called a Chinese Staircase bracelet, is very simple to make.

You only need to know one simple knot to make it: the forward knot.

Customize your own bracelet design with as many colors of thread as you like.


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (6)

Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet

Learn how to make the Candy Stripe friendship pattern with this easy-to-memorize pattern. Make a bracelet with 4-8 strings. A perfect craft project for beginners.


Skinny Chevron

Photo Credit:www.braceletbook.com

Here's a skinnier version of the classic chevron bracelet. It's made with only 4 strings, so it will work up quickly.


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (7)

5 Strand Flat Braid

Photo Credit:sarahmaker.com

This is a very easy pattern for a five-strand braided bracelet. Once you get the hang of it, you can make this bracelet in no time at all. Don't be afraid to double up the strands for a thicker bracelet.

(Video) Triangle Simple Minimalistic Cute Macrame Friendship Bracelets | Easy Tutorial for Beginner


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (8)

Zig Zag Friendship Bracelet

Photo Credit:sarahmaker.com

This pattern is so unique! Even though it looks complicated, it's made with the same four basic bracelet knots.

The end result is a 3D shaped zig zag bracelet that looks so cool on your wrist!


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (9)

Chain Link Bracelet

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/169880_Mushroomro/

Here's another easy bracelet with a fun 3D effect. The way the knots are constructed creates a open design that's really unique!


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (10)

Arrowhead Diamond Pattern

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/139108_waffie/

Here's an arrowhead inspired pattern made with only 6 strands. You can customize this design with lots of different color combinations.


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (11)

Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Here's how to make the classic Chevron pattern friendship bracelet with an easy to follow, step-by-step photo tutorial. It's the perfect pattern for beginners to practice both forward and backward knots.


(Video) heart friendship bracelet tutorial!! (valentine’s day bracelet)

19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (12)

Daisy Chain Bracelet

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/122137_ijbeaudry/

This design is super popular, and it's easy to see why. I love the look of the flower chain! You can customize this bracelet in lots of fun color combinations, too.


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (13)

Rainbow Zig Zag Pattern

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/277336_alexakatie/

Here's a fun retro design with a diagonal, zig zag pattern. I love the look of a rainbow color scheme with this pattern.


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (14)

Watermelon Bracelet Pattern

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/290683_Alex_tree/

A classic that's just right for summer. This fruity twist on the classic zig zag is so cute!


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (15)

Diamond Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Even though this diamond and X's bracelet pattern looks complicate, it's actually pretty simple to make. Give it a try!


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (16)

Ocean Wave Bracelet Pattern

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/272711_Luise2108/

For a beachy bracelet, try this white and blue wave design. It's the perfect pattern to make by the ocean!

(Video) How to make easy bracelets with strings @CraftsEasy


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (17)

Heart Friendship Bracelet

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/283906_ts3dancer/

Show your friends how much you love them with this sweet heart bracelet pattern. It would make a great Valentine's Day gift too, don't you think?


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (18)

Arrowhead Bracelet Pattern

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/191860_cuckoclock/

Here's another variation on the arrowhead pattern made with 8 strands of floss. I like this pattern because it has a really deep V shapes that really stands out.


19 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners (19)

3D Ribbon Zig Zag Bracelet

Photo Credit:https://www.braceletbook.com/users/184243_crdyer/

The trick to this bracelet is selecting a color scheme that highlights the 3D ribbon effect. Choose colors in a ombre range of shades.

More Bracelet Ideas

For even more DIY jewelry ideas, check out these related tutorials:

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What is the most popular friendship bracelet patterns? ›

Spiral Staircase Friendship Bracelet Pattern

The spiral staircase design also called the Chinese staircase or Chinese ladder friendship bracelet, is one of the most classic friendship bracelets.

What is normal pattern friendship bracelet? ›

Normal patterns are the most well-known type of pattern. You'll know your pattern is a “normal” type pattern when the knots move in a diagonal direction. The charts for normal patterns look like diagonal grids. Alpha patterns are another type of friendship bracelet pattern with horizontally tied knots.

How do you start a butterfly bracelet? ›

How to butterfly stitch lanyard
  1. Knot your strings together, leaving plenty of space for tying your bracelet at the end. ...
  2. Form a loop with your first color. ...
  3. Slip your second color through the first. ...
  4. Pull loop one tight around loop two. ...
  5. You now have a loop in your second color. ...
  6. Pull the second color tight.
May 15, 2022

How do you make a floss bracelet? ›

Cut 4 strands of embroidery floss about 36″ long. Tie together with a simple overhand knot and secure to a flat surface with tape. Or, clip the end of the bracelet to a clipboard. Take the left-hand string (A) and make a forward knot onto the first strand, the second strand, and then the last strand of floss.

How many rows should a friendship bracelet have? ›

As such, you'll have to do a little math to figure out how many blank rows to start (and end) with in order to get your pattern centered. According to our calculations, an average adult-sized “alpha-style” friendship bracelet is 93 rows.


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