40 French Crop Haircuts For Guys To Get In 2023 (2023)

    Do you fancy a French crop haircut? If you are researching for answers, then you’ve landed on the right side of the internet. It’s trendy, low maintenance, and allows many styling opportunities.

    Here is a brief but comprehensive guide to the French Crop Hairstyle for Men.

    What Is A French Crop Haircut?

    The French crop haircut is a short haircut for men characterized by a long top featuring a blunt fringe with short backs and sides. The top and the sides’ length depends on your preferred style, and the blunt fringe makes it easy to style the top forward or slicked back. It is an extremely versatile haircut, and you won’t run out of ideas on the ideal style to pull it off.

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    The Photo Gallery Of French Crop Hairstyles

    The French crop is the type of fringe haircut men find extremely beneficial. Along with minimal styling and maintenance, it offers you a multitude of different styling options. You can pair a textured fringe with short cropped hair or get a close-cropped haircut on the sides and match it with the side-parted top. There are many examples of cropped haircut. In this article we sample popular ones.

    Classic French Crop

    The aim is to allow the edges to be sharp to attain the classic French crop. The haircut for the top should be point cut.

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    Short French Crop

    Short French crop is low maintenance and require minimal to no styling at all. Neat and dapper look for any man on the move.

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    Longer Fringe With Texture

    Want to create a really contrasty crop top haircut? Then it is hard to think of a better option than a French haircut with long fringe. To take it up a notch, you can go for a French crop undercut.

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    French Crop Fade

    French crop fade haircut is easy to style and give that classic vibe but with an edgy look.

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    Ash Blonde Caesar Inspired Haircut

    Those who are not into intricate haircuts have other options on how to make their French crop more prominent. You can dye your thatch blonde, for example, which will take it to the spotlight instantly.

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    Short Spiky Textured French Crop

    Textured French crop is for those looking for a balance between rugged and neat looks. You will need pomade for styling. Be careful not to take on too much, the aim is for the hair to look light and feathery.

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    Disconnected Undercut French Crop

    Requires almost no styling. Disconnected undercut French crop allows the hair to look shorter at the sides and back.

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    Brave Color

    It’s hard to find a more perfect look than the one achieved by using this dye. The light-colored hair on top with an expertly done fade is just stunning! Not only does it make you stand out from other guys but also Instantly recognizable as someone who knows what they’re doing when wearing their shirt proudly at work – even if no one else has any idea how cool YOU really are.

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    Quiffed Bang

    Get the cool, unkempt look with just one quick trim! With this simple step you can have an interesting hairstyle that will be sure to make heads turn. Throw on some glasses and brush up your blunt fringe for added effect- no matter how much time passes between sessions in front of a mirror necessary.

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    Long Cropped Cut

    Long hair at the top provides versatility on how to style short hair men. With a long-cropped cut, you can do quiffs and side parts among others.

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    Fresh & Short

    One of the best things about cropped cuts is their versatility. So, if you like short haircuts for men, then you can leave the hair on top just a little longer than the sides. This hair look will give your appearance a fresh and clean air.

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    Side Styled Fringe

    A cropped fringe haircut can be styled in multiple different ways. When you feel like adding light but impactful touch to your haircut, just swipe the fringe to the side.

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    French Waves

    Even though a French crop is already a pretty textured crop haircut, you can give it extra emphasis by creating waves on top. This can be achieved either with the help of a special brush or by simply applying a texturizing hair product if your hair is naturally wavy.

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    Clean Skin Fade

    A crop top fade guarantees you a bold and high contrast look. To draw even more attention to your crop cut top, get the skin fade on the sides.

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    Spiky Highligts

    When it comes to a short crop hairstyle, there is no such thing as too much texture. That being said, if you would like to accentuate your textured short crop hair on top even more, style it spiked.

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    Drop Fade Textured Crop

    Any short cropped hair cut will benefit greatly when complemented with a fade, especially if it is a drop fade. In this way, your close cropped hair takes the center stage.

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    Mullet French Croptop

    You should not be afraid to combine several trendy haircuts in one look. As such, a French crop top taper paired with a mullet makes up a cool and edgy haircut combo. To enhance the texture of the cut, make sure to apply a hair styling product aimed at it.

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    Textured High Fade French Cut Hair

    There are many ways to pull off a French crop top fade. Yet, if you want to take your textured top to the center of attention, complement the haircut with a high fade. As it takes off the hair from the sides and back, the focus is shifted to the hair on the crown.

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    Curly French Crop Top

    Though, to make your French crop top the focal point of the whole look, you do not have to go for an extremely bold haircut. A modern low fade French crop also turns out contrasty and edgy. Yet, it remains suitable for any ambiance, even pretty formal. If your locks are naturally curly, then you are guaranteed a more striking look.

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    Side Swept Crop Haircut Men

    Getting a mens French crop does not mean that you have to always wear it brushed forward. It is up to you to decide how to style your locks. For instance, if you want to add a stylish twist to your hair look, swipe the hair on the top to the side.

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    Clean Blunt Bang

    Those who like to be in the center of attention should go for a short crop haircut with a blunt bang. It is so impactful that it cannot leave anyone indifferent. Yet, make sure you have enough confidence and fashion bravery to pull off such a daring mens crop cut.

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    Afro Curls French Crop

    For men with curly hair. Ensure the sides are short and the hair across your forehead horizontally cut for a neat shape.

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    Messy Crop Top

    Interesting and youthful that can be styled using hair wax and a light coat of hairspray. The messy crop top is ideal for younger men, it’s a laid-back bro style.

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    Angular Fringe

    Classic hairstyle for younger men. Angular fringe leaves the top long and maintains plenty of hair spikes.

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    Straight French Crop

    Easy to maintain for those with naturally straight locks. If that’s not the case, then run a flat iron through the top. Prevent flyways with small use of hairspray.

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    There are also various ways how to style your hair on top. The possibilities are infinite. If you’re lacking the imagination, check out our selective gallery of the best French crop haircuts, including a crop top fade, disconnected French crop and many more.

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    What Do I Need For The Cropped Haircut?

    As mentioned earlier, the French crop is low maintenance and styling won’t cost you much. A few suggestions for items you will need include a textured lotion for cleaning your dry hair. Make sure the cream is light hold.

    However, if it’s a stronghold cream, you can include any of the shape face products, and it will work just fine for any medium-to- fine-textured hair. Additionally, a quality balm can come in handy to keep the hold and add a slick finish to the French cut.

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    How To Get Cropped Haircut

    In case you’re still not sure that your barber will get you right when you ask him/her for a French crop, give them the cue. Tell the barber to cut or clip your sides, which will depend on the desired texture. You can also choose a fade haircut or an undercut. If you can’t decide between the two, you can even opt for a mix of both. The top hair can be cut in two ways. For a more voluminous and textured appearance, the barber should point cut your hair, whereas, for a more dapper look, you will want him/her to give you a blunt cut.

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    How Do You Do A French Crop Haircut?

    Talk to your barber on the desired look you wish to derive from the French cut; If you have a picture that will make it even easier.

    Generally, the sides will be cut short with the help of clippers. Especially for the back and sides so that they contrast to the hair on top.

    Speaking of hair on top, it can be either point cut or blunt cut; Point cut for volume and shabby look, whereas the blunt cut for a flat and tidy appearance.

    How To Style It

    Because there isn’t much hair to style, even the textured French crop is considered a low-maintenance haircut. You’ll simply need to apply some of the styling product, such as wax, pomade, or gel, to your still wet after the shower hair and mold a textured crop or whatever style you choose.

    Though the French crop haircut may seem a bit confusing at first, in reality, it’s very easy to get. Just tell your hair stylist in details how you see your future hairstyle or simply show a photo. Luckily, our plentiful photo gallery offers you enough options to choose from.


    What is a French crop?

    A French crop is a popular men’s haircut that features shortly trimmed hair on the back and sides with a contrasting long top.

    Will a French crop suit me?

    As a French crop is extremely versatile, you can adjust it to suit your very facial features.

    How do you ask for a French crop?

    Most hairstylists should know what a French cropped cut is, so you just need to tell them the name of the desired hair look. Yet, to make sure you get exactly what you want, bring a bunch of photos with you.

    Should I get a French crop?

    If you are looking for a classic hairstyle that looks bold and edgy while requiring minimal effort, then a French crop is definitely a cut to go for.


    (Video) 10 Short Hairstyles That Make MEN 10x Better Looking


    How do I ask my barber for a French crop? ›

    How to ask for the French Crop. If you're after a classic Caesar, ask your barber to keep the length—which should be no longer than 1-2 inches—even all the way around. There are however a number of modern variations on the cut that is worth considering if you want to make it more 21st-century-appropriate.

    Will a French crop suit me? ›

    Unlike buzz cuts, undercuts and pompadours, the French crop can be adapted to suit any face shape and – aesthetically – pairs well with pretty much any personal style.

    How do I ask my barber for a textured crop? ›

    To get a textured crop hairstyle you need to ask your barber for exactly that 'a textured crop', don't get lost in all the various other names that the hairstyle has. It may help to explain to the barber how you want to wear the style and how you'd like the fringe, back and sides cut.

    What haircut should I tell the barber? ›

    “Short and long are all relative from barber to barber,” he says. So say things like “an inch off the top” or “a quarter inch off the side.” If you don't know exactly how much you want taken off, let your barber know you don't know.

    Do crop tops look good on guys? ›

    Any kind of man can wear a crop top. Let us repeat that: any kind of man can wear a crop top. Dudes are more comfortable sporting nail polish than they've ever been, TikTok trends involving men wearing maid's dresses have been taking over the app since the fall and crop tops for men are back once again.

    Can crop tops be masculine? ›

    Men's Crop Tops Are Back and They're Here to Stay. While crop tops are staples in the wardrobes of many women, but now some of your favorite male celebs are taking on the trend. The concept of a gendered wardrobe is beginning to crumble.

    What is Thor's haircut called? ›

    The new Thor Ragnarok haircut is a textured crop. The crop has many different variations so, as always, it's best not to get too hung up on name's of cuts. The sides of the Thor haircut are kept relatively short, but are not taken too high. The top is all about texture and keeping it looking very messy and natural.

    What haircut makes a man look younger? ›

    A short pompadour is a great style for men who want to look younger and more stylish. It's a classic look that has been updated for the modern man. A pompadour is a great option for men with thinning hair as it can create the illusion of more volume and texture.

    Does long hair age you after 40? ›

    Break It: Long hair after 40 doesn't automatically make you look older, but since hair thins as you age, pump up the volume with layers and movement around the face. "Poker-straight styles are too harsh," says stylist Byron Williams, who has worked with Demi Moore.

    What is the most low maintenance haircut for men? ›

    What is the easiest haircut for men to maintain? The easiest haircuts for men to maintain are short or long cuts without intricate fades that need to be touched up often. Low maintenance haircuts for men range from short buzz and crew cuts to long layered hair.

    How do I talk to my barber for a haircut? ›

    Try to talk in inches or centimetres rather than vague terms. If you want a half inch trim, say so. If you can't describe the length in inches, you could also ask for it in hair clipper guard lengths. So if you usually have a #3 haircut on the top and sides, you can simply ask for this using those precise terms.

    What is a crop top fade? ›

    The crop is a short textured haircut that can be worn in a few different ways. Often paired with a fade on the back and sides and worn with a blunt fringe, the crop top can work with anywhere from a short fringe cut towards the hairline or a longer fringe down on the forehead.

    How do you style a messy French crop? ›

    Firstly, clipper fade from 1.5 down to zero. Then layer the top and remove the corners, while keeping up the weight. Make sure to dry the front section of the hair and create a sharp, blunt fringe. Finally, personalise this style with paste or gel for a wet look.

    What to tell a barber if you don't know what you want? ›

    If you don't know what setting of clippers you prefer, ask your barber to start with a longer setting and progressively get shorter until you find a style you like. Men with longer hair especially need to be clear about how much hair they want cut off.

    Is it rude to go to a different barber? ›

    Should I feel bad about having my hair cut by a different barber at the same shop? Should you feel bad? Absolutely not. The reason there's a bad stigma behind jumping around to different barbers within the same shop is simply because barbers can easily get bent out of shape.

    How do I know my perfect haircut? ›

    Do: Pick a cut and style that works with your texture, and face shape. Don't: Go into a short haircut thinking it will not require any styling. Do: Play with texture. Just because it's short doesn't mean it has to be one straight style all the time, Papanikolas says.

    What is the most popular men's haircut right now? ›

    One of the most popular men's haircuts he's seen is the skin fade crop, a modern haircut if ever there was one. The skin faded crop, as the name suggests, is one that exposes a fair amount of skin on the side of the head, with just a short hairstyle – the crop – on top of the head.

    Which face shape is best for male? ›

    An oval face shape for men is the ideal face shape because the proportions are balanced with a narrow forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin.

    How long should a crop top be men? ›

    Typically, the legit crop top look comes to anywhere above the belly button, but you can easily just crop a shirt that's too long up to your waistline instead.

    Are crop tops Still in Style 2022 men? ›

    Men's crop tops are an emerging trends among niche designers and consumers across Europe and the US, and our fashion experts investigated. This Spring 2022 in the US and Europe, crop tops are forecasted to rise in popularity among men, a trend we haven't seen since the 1980s and '90s.

    Can I wear crop top with boyfriend jeans? ›

    Crop tops are trendy in 2022 and make the perfect compliment to a pair of boyfriend jeans, adding more femininity to an otherwise masculine or gender neutral look. If you're feeling uncomfortable wearing a crop top without coverage, adding a blazer or cardigan is a great way to wear the trend a bit more modestly.

    Who should not wear crop tops? ›

    If you don't feel comfortable in a bikini, you should probably stay away from crop tops. "Yes, the crop top requires CONFIDENCE to pull off, but most importantly it requires a slim and fit figure. If you shouldn't be wearing a two-piece swimsuit then you shouldn't be wearing a crop top.

    Why do NFL players wear crop tops? ›

    Early in the season, Elliott talked about why he wears a crop-top jersey: The running back admitted he tucks his jersey in order to try to gain an advantage over defenders, which is the reason the NCAA has made it illegal moving forward.

    How are crop tops inappropriate? ›

    In general, however, most churches would likely deem a crop top as inappropriate attire. This is because a crop top is considered to be revealing and suggestive, and it doesn't leave much to the imagination.

    What is a Ragnar haircut? ›

    The Ragnar Lothbrok hairstyle, made possible by actor Travis Fimmel, can be best characterized as a braided variation of a top knot or man ponytail with shaved sides.

    What is a Spartan haircut? ›

    It consists of a thick strip of hair in the middle of the head, from which it will grow down past the shoulders. The sides and the back of the neck are completely shaven, leaving the skin bare. Without a doubt this is a daring look, that will make you stand out wherever you are.

    What is the Punisher haircut? ›

    The Punisher Haircut #1

    This is a short quiff with a low fade on the back and sides. Jon Bernthal normally wears this with around a low #0.5-1 on the back and sides. And then he leaves around 2-3 inches on top, with all of the front of the hair pushed up and into the middle.

    What makes younger men look older? ›

    Dress Up In A Classic Way

    At the same time, when in doubt, always upgrade from casual to something more classic and maybe formal. In my opinion, the best way to appear older is to wear a suit. Young men typically don't wear suits today so if you do, it automatically puts you into an older category.

    What makes a man look younger naturally? ›

    To keep your skin from adding years to your looks, wear sunscreen, moisturizer, and lip balm daily. Retinoids can help you slough off old skin cells. You can find them in many over-the-counter products or get a stronger version by prescription from a dermatologist.

    What hairstyles to avoid over 40? ›

    Anyone looking to maintain a sense of youthfulness should avoid three styles according to the experts; thick, blunt bangs, spiky pixie, and a medium-length, layerless lob.

    Which hair cut does not damage hair? ›

    Smooth chignon

    This hairstyle is perfect for protecting the ends of your hair from damage such as frayed, dried or split ends. All you need to do is take two small sections of hair from the sides and twist each of them gently and tie them together with a soft scrunchy.

    Can a haircut make a man look younger? ›

    A good, short men's haircut is often key when it comes to looking fresh and even younger. With just a few snips, you can turn an average cut into an updated, cool style.

    How many haircuts should a man get? ›

    Typically, men should get a haircut every two to three weeks, but if you're doing a tight fade (or something similar that needs extra detail) every two weeks should more than do the trick. Definitely no less than once a month as your hair is gonna' get pretty crazy and out of shape if you wait that long.

    What to say when barber asks what you want? ›

    Conrad suggests talking about how you want the haircut to feel, not look. “There are little things about that that will tell me as a barber what direction to go,” he says. For instance, if you want movement on top, say that—instead of, like, “layers,” which you probably don't want.

    How do you tell a barber you don't like it? ›

    Just be honest, acknowledge the barber's experience and expertise: “I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing, but this looks a little short to me – do you still think it will work?” or, even, “Can you talk me through what you're doing here? It doesn't look like how I'm used to having it.”

    How many inches is a trim hair? ›

    A trim is cutting about ¼ to 2 inches off the ends of your hair. There will be no change in style or shape. It's just a removal of split and frayed ends. Simply put, this is a service that's meant to maintain your hair and make it healthier.

    Is a 0 a skin fade? ›

    Zero Fade Vs Skin Fade: What's The Difference? A zero fade is a taper fade that leaves some remaining hair near the base of the neck, whereas a skin fade is a zero-grade cut that is shorter at the bottom, revealing more of the scalp.

    Is French crop easy to maintain? ›

    The best part of the French crop? It's so low-maintenance. The cut pretty much takes care of things, which means you won't have to spend as much time styling it. In fact, the messier, the better.

    Does thick hair work with a French crop? ›

    Plus, it's low maintenance and one of the most versatile options that can work well with straight or wavy textures, and on thick or thin hair.

    Is French crop good for round face? ›

    Long French Crop

    This longer and more modern French crop is the perfect hairstyle for round faces. By adding layers this cropped cut has plenty of texture and movement and is best styled with a longer fringe.

    Can barbers do French crops? ›

    Textured French Crop

    However, for those with thick hair, have your barber work their magic with the scissors to not necessarily remove length, but just a little bit of weight throughout, so that you're left with enough texture that doesn't even need styling product to look good.

    How do you get French crops? ›

    Similar to a Caesar cut, the French crop consists of hair that is cut short on the back and sides, and kept slightly longer through the top, either combed forward over the forehead or pushed to the side depending on the length. This is the perfect hairstyle for a man who wants a long-lasting and low maintenance style.

    How do you book a French haircut? ›

    This is how to ask for a haircut in French.

    Just call or walk in and say, “Je voudrais prendre rendez-vous pour une coupe s'il vous plait.”

    What fade goes with French crop? ›

    French Crop Fade

    Adding a masculine fade is the perfect way to create an edgy take on the traditional French Crop. Fades are one of the most popular cuts for men so mixing it in will give your crop a more modern, yet still classic vibe. A fade also means your look will be easier to style.


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