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As people search for new ways to lose weight and slim the body, old trends sometimes end up becoming new again. Corset or waist training has regained popularity over the past year, thanks to raving endorsements from the hottest celebrities. Women now look to corset training to slim down their waists and open up new opportunities to look good and feel great.

But is corset training really the best way to slim down? In this article, we’re going to examine corset training as a practice and review its pros and cons.

What is Corset Training?

Corset training, also known as waist training, is a process used to slim and/or reshape your waist by wearing a corset for hours each day for an extended period of time. These slimming devices are often worn during exercise, but most women who wear these devices have adapted to wearing them while doing day to day things.

In the past, corset training involved the use of actual corsets, which often had stiff inner wiring that did compromise the health of the wearer. Today’s slimming garments use a number of materials that make wearing the garment more comfortable than a corset. Of course, some women do choose to wear corsets as a part of their waist training regime.

Corset or waist training garments are designed to help promote thermal activity within the mid-section, which helps promote sweating. As a result, it potentially cuts water weight and slims the mid-section.

List of Pros of Corset Training

The popularity of corset training can be attributed to its positive aspects. Many people who undergo corset training tout its benefits, especially when it comes to weight loss. Let’s examine the pros of corset training.

1. Corset training can help facilitate weight loss.
A lot of people don’t know the relationship of corset training with weight loss regimes. But now, a lot of people are touting the benefits of pairing corset training with a regular weight loss regime.

Wearing high compression shape wear or a corset helps people see results before they achieve results. This is why it’s encouraged to wear a corset before embarking on weight loss to see the results before they happen. It also helps encourage people to lose weight. The loosening of a corset, which typically occurs during and after weight loss, often encourages people to keep losing weight until they hit their target weight.

2. Corset training can help regulate diet.
Another element that encourages weight loss is diet regulation. Wearing a corset during certain periods of the day, namely during meal time, often encourages the wearer to eat less. This encourages them to consume smaller and more regular meals throughout the day, mainly due to the continued wear of the corset or shape wear garment. However, it’s encouraged not to use the garment as a way to significantly reduce food intake throughout the day.

3. Corset training produces a slim figure.
The slim, hourglass figure promoted by many celebrities is the biggest reason why corset training has come back into fashion. Many of today’s hottest celebrities have enthusiastically endorsed corsets or shape wear garments for that reason. Naturally, this practice has gained traction among their followers, namely women who want to look and feel slimmer.

Wearing high compression shape wear can make the wearer look slim. It makes clothing fit and look much better, since it compresses and hides skin folds and undesirable fat. Many shape wear garments are also provide back support or midsection support, particularly for women who have just given birth.

List of Cons of Corset Training

While corset training does often many benefits, there are a few cons that corset training practitioners should understand. Let’s examine the cons of corset training.

1. Corset training isn’t a permanent or long term weight loss solution.
While corset training can provide people with short term weight loss results, wearing one ultimately doesn’t provide long term results. Results do vary between people and it’s not medically safe to wear a corset or high compression shape wear for an extended period of time.

Many companies do produce high compression shape wear for use during workouts. The intended effect that’s produced while wearing the garment while exercising is that it helps facilitate circulation throughout the mid-section, activating ‘brown fat’ and activating its fat burning properties as the body warms up and sweats. While the suggested use for this type of garment makes it ‘okay’ to wear during suggested fat burning workouts, most health professionals suggest not to wear high compression shape wear when doing any exercise.

2. Corset training is detrimental to the wearer’s health.
According to health professionals, corset training historically has a lot of health disadvantages. Many of these health disadvantages can be traced back centuries, during times where corset use was common among women.

Corset training, especially if the garment is fit too tight, can make the wearer become short in breath over time. It’s also known to cause sharp stomach pains, numbness in the legs and may cause rib and/or organ damage. Studies that have uncovered the effects of long term corset use have found that corsets, particularly the traditional garment, may shift organs out of place and greatly affect one’s health.

3. Corset training temporarily produces a slimmer figure.
While wearing a corset or high compression shape wear does make people look slim, the effects are ultimately temporary. Much like its purported weight loss properties, people who wear these garments should take note that they’re ultimately getting a temporary result and not a long term or permanent one.

Why Is Corset Training Popular Today?

Waist training garments, including corsets, have been on the market for years. But over the years, they’ve fallen in and out of popularity. You could say that waist training garments come in and out of fashion depending on who’s touting them as the next best weight loss tool.

That seems to be the case with corset training in recent times. Over the last year, corset training has come back into fashion. High compression garments, including shape wear from popular companies like Spanx, have helped people slim down their figure and look better in clothing. But recent demands have birthed an entire renewed market of garments with much higher compression, such as the type of compression that a corset offers.

This new type of shape wear offers the compression of a corset, but in a more comfortable way. They’re also affordable and provide better results for most people than a corset, which might take some adjusting before getting used to the garment.

Of course, corsets are still popular in waist training. Corsets nowadays tend to range from higher compression shape wear to actual corsets, otherwise those with wire foundations. They do have a learning curve, so those who want to work their way into wearing a corset for fashion purposes often wear their garment on a regular basis to get used to the garment.

In Closing

Thanks to copious celebrity endorsements, an old trend has become new again—corset training. This waist training trend helps people, particularly women, look and feel better about the way they look. The slimming effect of corset training helps hide undesirable parts of the body, producing a look that many women want to achieve.

While it’s not the most permanent way to slim down, corset training can help women look slimmer on a limited basis. The health disadvantages make this popular slimming trend less appealing on the long term, but it’s perfectly serviceable for a night out.


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