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    Back To School Crayon Tube Filled with Fruity Flavored Candy - 10 Crayons

    • 🍬FUN Working Crayon candy is fun to use and eat the candy
    • 🍬MARINE Fun for all Marine eating crayons! 😊
    • 🍬10 Count - Blue Green Yellow Orange Red

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    Magic Colors Assorted Fruit Flavored Bubble Gum Crayons Packs: 24-Piece Box

    • Kids who love to color will adore Magic Color Bubblegum Crayons! This novelty candy comes in nostalgic crayon style cardboard boxes. Open them up to find a series of tube-shaped pieces of bubblegum that are shaped to look like real crayons. You can't use them on paper, but they taste amazingly sweet on your tongue! Each individual Bubblegum Crayon box also contains a bonus sticker.
    • The Magic Colors Bubble Gum Crayons are a fun, creative way to enjoy sweet and fruity bubble gum, with each piece shaped like a real crayon.
    • Magic Colors Bubble Gum Crayons Packs in Assorted Fruit Flavors and Colors with a Sticker in each pack. These Magic Colors Bubble Gum Crayons look similar to real Crayons
    • Display box includes 24 Magic Colors Bubble Gum Crayon Packs, each containing 10 pieces of gum and one sticker.
    • The packaging adds to the fun, designed to look like a crayon box. Customers will love this novelty candy, perfect for birthday party favors or gifts.
    Buy Toddler Crayons For 2 Year Olds Non Toxic

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    Bombi Crayon Mexican Chewing Gum 24 individually Sealed Packs in box

    • 24 pack of Edible Crayons Assorted Fruit Flavors
    • Assorted Fruit Flavors
    • Each Crayon is individually sealed to ensure maximum freshness
    • The order includes 24 pieces of Mexican Chewing Gum.
    • Makes for a great gag gift or stocking stuffer for that special Marine you might know.

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    Lebze Jumbo Crayons for Toddlers, 16 Colors Non Toxic Crayons, Easy to Hold Large Crayons for Kids, Safe for Babies and Children Flower Monaco

    • Non Toxic and Safety Crayons - Flower Monaco toddler crayons are made from non toxic natural wax, no asbestos, lead or phthalates. They are safe crayons for toddlers ages 1-3 and pre-school kids ages 2-4.
    • Jumbo Crayons & Big Size - Each crayon is 4.25 inches(10.8cm) long by 0.55 inches (14mm) in diameter. Their big size makes them perfect for little ones who are just starting to grasp and draw with crayons.
    • Bright & Vibrant Colors - Each crayon box includes 24 count jumbo toddler crayons. These washable crayons are ideal to help kids develop thinking skills on color exploration. Never miss the chance to develop your kids' imagination, creativity and independence. Perfect for coloring, school projects and drawing.
    • Great Children's Gift Idea - These thick crayons for kids come in a sturdy and sustainable container which makes storage easier. Both parents and toddlers will love these fat baby crayons, which are the perfect gift for any occasion from birthdays to holidays.
    • Tips & Warranty - We are willing to help you solve the problems and share you some useful tips. Also, if the large crayons are broken in transmit, please contact us. We will immediately refund your purchase price or offer replacement.
    Buy Crayons For Toddlers Dmeixs

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    50 Red Crayons Bulk - Single Color Crayon Refill - Regular Size 5/16" x 3-5/8"

    • USA Made Crayons Bulk Packaged In A Triple Wall Corrugated Cardboard Box With Foam Padding To Prevent Breakage During Shipment
    • When a Specific Color is Needed or Preferred
    • 50 Standard Size Crayons, Double Wrapped for Strength
    • High quality

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    Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons Coloring Set (50 Count), Stocking Stuffers, Gifts for Kids Ages 3+

    • CRAYOLA TWISTABLE CRAYONS: This set features 50 Mini Crayola Twistable Crayons for kids.
    • AMAZON EXCLUSIVE: Only available on Amazon!
    • BULK CRAYON: Twist up & go with this handy bulk crayon set from Crayola. No sharpening or peeling is required.
    • MINI CRAYONS: Mini crayons are great for coloring, drawing, and creating on the go.
    • KIDS ART SUPPLIES: These are the perfect art supplies for coloring books, drawings, art projects, crafts, and more!
    • GIFT FOR KIDS: This Twistable Crayon Set makes a great gift for girls and boys, on birthdays, holidays, and more.

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    Crayola Washable Crayons, Large, 8 Colors - 2 Packs

    • 2 Packs of 8 Large Washable Non-Toxic Crayons
    • World's Most Washable!
    • Smoother, easier laydown.
    • Wipe off most nonporous surfaces with warm water and a sponge
    • Let your children play without worry

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    Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set - Pink (140 Count), Holiday Gifts for Girls & Boys [Amazon Exclusive]

    • CRAYOLA KIDS ART KIT: This 140 piece drawing kit includes includes 1 Crayola Inspiration Art Case, 64 Crayons, 20 Short Colored Pencils, 40 Washable Markers and 15 Large Pieces of Paper (measuring approximately 9 x13).
    • ART STORAGE CARRYING CASE: With a place for everything, this crayon and marker art box keeps coloring supplies for kids and adults neatly organized and accessible.
    • EVERYDAY ART SUPPLIES: This beginner art set provides starter craft essentials and drawing supplies that encourage kids to express, create, and connect through colorful play.
    • GIFT FOR KIDS: With everything you need to get started creating, this case makes a great holiday or birthday gift for girls and boys.
    • SAFE & NONTOXIC: Artists ages 5 and up can use these non-toxic art supplies.

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    Bulk Crayons - 720 Crayons! Case Of 120 6-Packs, Premium Color Crayons for Kids and Toddlers, Non-Toxic, Perfect for Party Favors, Restaurants, Goody Bags, Stocking Stuffers

    • 🖍️ AMAZING DEAL! 720 PACKS OF CRAYONS: Imagine being able to have party favors to give out for the rest of the year! Because these crayons come with 120 packs of 6 separate colored crayons, each dozen individuallywrapped, that means that you get at total of 720 crayons for a great value. This is great for you because now you can have an unlimited supply of crayons for you and your kids to color your masterpiece!
    • 🖍️ KEEPS KIDS BUSY FOR HOURS: If you've been looking for a cheap way to entertain your children for hours, then your search is over! That's because our bulk crayons come in 6 different assorted colors which means that you can give your kids hours upon hours of fun while they color in their masterpieces, guaranteed! Keep them entertained on car rides, in restaurants, put them in your bag so you can have them on the go, there's no limit to the possibilities!
    • 🖍️ HIGH-QUALITY PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The problem with other bulk crayon packs is their poor construction that causes crayons to break easily and won't transfer color to paper. Our bulk crayons solves that problem! Why? That's because our bulk crayons have premium quality construction which means that they won't break easily and they work amazingly well! Never suffer cheap, breaking crayons again!
    • 🖍️ HELP PROMOTE KIDS CREATIVITY: We know crayons have always been a trusted kids toy that helps promote imagination and creativity during their cognitive development stages. Thats why our bulk crayons feature 120 packs of 6 different neon crayons, so you can always give your children a way to show their creative side. And thats not all, now you'll have enough crayons to give out as party favors!
    • 🖍️ TRUSTED! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: There's no question, this bulk crayon set has everything you're looking for! With Bedwina you can be confident that your satisfaction is always our #1 priority and that we'll do everything in our power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience. It's that simple.

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    Crayola Twistables Colored Pencil Set (50ct), Kids Art Supplies, Colored Pencils For Kids, Gifts for Boys & Girls, 4+ [Amazon Exclusive]

    • CRAYOLA TWISTABLES COLORED PENCILS: Includes 50 Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils. Only available on Amazon
    • NO SHARPENING OR PEELING: Twist up & go with this handy bulk colored pencil set from Crayola.
    • PROTECTED COLOR CORE: Plastic barrel helps prevent damage to the color core. Twist down to protect color tips when not in use.
    • PORTABLE ART SUPPLIES: Twistable colored pencils are great for coloring, drawing, and creating on the go.
    • GREAT FOR COLORING BOOKS: These are the perfect colored pencils for coloring books, drawings, art projects, crafts, and more
    • GIFT FOR KIDS: With over 50 colors to choose from, this colored pencil set makes a great holiday or birthday gift for girls and boys.
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