Famous French Bridal Designers to Swoon Over - Blogs - Borrowing Magnolia (2023)

MARCH 21, 2022

Famous French Bridal Designers to Swoon Over - Blogs - Borrowing Magnolia (1)

Many things make a wedding the magical experience that it is. First, there is the wedding venue, the carefully chosen wedding decor, and as a whole, another league is the dress. If you have been dreaming about making a dramatic entrance on your special day, going french chic will definitely do the trick. When you talk about designer dresses, it's impossible not to get into the french wedding designer’s work. It is, after all, the creme de la creme of the clan! Then some brides are looking for that special something—those who incorporate Parisian ideas into their everyday attire and strive for the immaculately unfussy-chic image that French women seem to exude inexplicably, you have landed on just the perfect page!

From the moment of your proposal, you will know which route you want to go when it comes to your wedding dress. Selecting a French bridal designer can imply a variety of things. It all depends on the look you want to achieve. Maybe you're looking for a simple but refined sheath dress, or a comfortable two-piece ensemble that wonderfully embodies French aloofness. Perhaps you're looking for tulle or a flowing pleated skirt? There are a plethora of French designers out there, just like there are a plethora of brides! We've put up a list of French bridal designers to fit a variety of tastes, from minimalist to edgy and a variety of trends. Here we have stated the designer's unique creative philosophies as well as the vibe that they want to offer.

Elise Hameau: Elise Hameau is recognized for her cleanly cut silk contrasting dresses with plunging necklines, risqué cut-outs, and eye-catching embroidery on sheer textiles. Her collections exemplify how bridal dresses can be easygoing and enjoyable. Elise Hameau is the place to go if you're a bohemian with a penchant for French design. This collection of dresses is designed for a sultry, happy-go-lucky bride with a whimsical sense of style. Elise Hameau is a laid-back bride who doesn't overplay or take herself too seriously when it comes to her wedding. She wants a spectacular outfit, but she's not scared to wear it in the woods or to a dive bar for a nightcap after the wedding.

Atelier Emelia: Atelier Emelia bridal gowns are created by a trio of Parisian sisters who source high-quality textiles and experienced artisans from throughout the world to create their fairytale aesthetic - lace from Calais, embroidery from Villers-Outréaux, and the nicest silk and organza weaving from Italy and Spain. Ultra-feminine, with a classic air and fun elements such as lovely bows, long lace sleeves, and breezy skirts - we have a feeling this French designer will be a big hit with the romantic brides! To mention a few, Atelier Emelia is available at Alice May Bridal in Ireland, The Mews in Bristol, and Anna Priscilla Bridal in Glasgow.

Violette Tannenbaum: Violette Tannenbaum is a self-taught French bridalwear designer who started designing in 2013. After designing a wedding gown for a friend, Tannenbaum decided to launch her own label. Tannenbaum draws influence from a variety of sources, most notably ready-to-wear fashion. The designer has a thing for poetic things and old clothing, which drives her to create her own designs. She says she used to gaze at images of her mother, grandmother, and aunts when they were younger because they were so fashionable. Her creations are popular with brides who want something truly distinctive and cool. Pink, modern style, one or two hip-hop tracks, a cool frame of mind, poetry, a piece of Solange Knowles' originality, and vintage items: this is the Violette Tannenbaum aesthetic.

Cymbeline: Cymbeline wedding dresses are inspired by all things romantic and are handcrafted from the finest fabrics found from across the world. Ladylike silhouettes, princess ballgowns, lace details, and the finest beads and sequins are all on the agenda. Cymbeline has a wide choice of styles to choose from, ranging from classic, basic, and streamlined to colorful and flirtatious. The theme to all of the dresses is a lighter, gentler silhouette, with drapey fabrics rather than too structured or stiff ones. Cymbeline gowns can be found at Vintage Pearl Bridal and several other bridal boutiques throughout Europe.

Margaux Tardits: Margaux Tardits may be the bridal designer for you if you like interesting design and structure. Every Margaux Tardits wedding gown contains a surprise, and no detail is overlooked. Unexpected design features such as delicate needlework, guipure lace, and 3D-effect embellishments contrast with clean lines. Margaux Tardits gowns can be found at Kadee Bride in Athlone, Ireland, and The Mews Bridal in Bristol and Notting Hill, England.

Rime Arodaky: Rime Arodaky is a Parisian wedding gown designer who launched her eponymous label in 2010. Her style is confident, beautiful, and seductive. Unique cuts and sheer panels contrast with demure necklines and seductive skin reveals. When paired with flowing silk or as a barely-there overlay, traditional lace appears edgy. Signature elements include high-low hems, dramatic slits, and voluminous sleeve embellishments. The Rime Arodaky bride is a maverick, designed for the rock 'n' roll romantic. The Parisian label is for the type of bride who has untidy hair and a tough demeanor. They strive to bring out every woman's inner muse. They don't need anyone's permission, and they're not required to dress up on the big day. They simply want to be genuine to the chick inside of them and feel beautiful in front of their man.

A La Robe: A La Robe is a French atelier founded by Elizabeth Soljak. Her collection is effortlessly sleek and chic, and she takes a unique approach to bridal design. Soljak, a pioneer of the bias cut, creates the most opulent silk slip bridal gowns. Her gowns are figure-flattering and hug in all the right places, thanks to their bias cuts. A La Robe gowns are available at Ivory and Pearl in Northern Ireland, as well as select shops in Australia, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Laure de Sagazan: At the tender age of 25, Laure de Sagazan began her bridal label in 2011. Since then, the Parisian designer has gained international acclaim for her bridal gowns, which she creates for women who like French style. Her gowns are elegant and romantic, and they are always in style. The Laure de Sagazan bride, according to the designer, is feminine and sophisticated. She adores traditional silhouettes and refined detailing, which are present in every gown in the collection. The Laure de Sagazan women want to really feel themselves on their wedding day, not as if they are wearing a disguise. Short dresses, both lovely and simple, floor-length gowns in lace and silk, separates, and jumpsuits are among the ensembles in her creations. These dresses are perfect for a garden wedding that is romantic and ethereal.

Isabella Boutin: Isabella Boutin's stunning bridal collection is best described as dreamy, romantic, feminine, and whimsical. Her creations are defined by clean and feminine lines, graceful integration of lace and delicate beads, silky silk fabrics, and tailoring techniques, and are inspired by fairytales and romantic movies. Isabella Boutin's artisan wedding gowns are entirely handcrafted to order in her Atelier in Lyon's center. Her ready-to-wear bridal gowns are also available in Lyon, London, New York, and Bristol.

Delphine Manviet: Delphine Manviet is a French bridal designer who is known for her attention to detail, fantastic fit, and lace. Delphine's gowns have dainty bows, soft laces, and ribbon accents, making them dainty but not overly frou-frou. The ideal selection for girlie brides looking for a wedding gown that is sophisticated and simple, bohemian and carefree, and allows them to express themselves. Delphine Manviet is available at Kadee Bridal in Ireland, The Mews in the United Kingdom, and several other boutiques around Europe, the United States, and Canada.

Donatelle Godart: Dontatelle Godart, a former fashion editor, began her bridal collection after designing her own wedding gown. Her collections, according to the designer, are inspired by everyday life-the life of a genuine Parisian, who lives on the outskirts of the city and finds inspiration everywhere. Walking around, going to exhibitions, listening to music, reading books, and studying all the gorgeous, exquisite girls who run around the city, she shows herself. Despite its restraint, each Donatelle Godart dress has a new and distinctively French sense of romanticism and elegance. From a dreamlike three-quarter sleeve dress with a narrow tiered skirt to a clean straight silk crêpe dress with a pinched waist and short sleeves, graceful embellishments like embroidery and lace discreetly highlight a range of designs.

Sophie Sarfati: Sophie Sarfati is a French bridal designer who specializes in light, airy, delicate gowns and bridal separates. She is effortlessly chic, wonderfully simple, and a little bit sensual. Embroidery comes in the form of lace trims, crocheted sleeves, or broderie anglaise panels, but Sophie Sarfati wedding dresses are mostly about keeping the style cool, feminine, and modern. Sophie Sarfati wedding gowns aren't yet available in the United States, but they are available at several retailers in France and Switzerland, as well as the Sophie Sarfati boutique in Paris.

Mademoiselle Deguise: Mademoiselle de Guise creator and founder Chloé Jaoun puts a new touch on traditional Parisian fashion. Chloé's gorgeous collection is full of tulle, chiffon, and delicate lace materials, sheer overlays with subtle and daring cuts, free-flowing separates, and complete dresses, drawing influence from her daily life in Paris as well as legendary contemporary dancers of the 1900s. Mademoiselle de Guise designs are all manufactured in France, whether they are custom-made or part of a series. Mademoiselle de Guise wedding gowns can be found at BN Bridal in Ireland and The Mews Bridal in the United Kingdom.

Yasmin Hassane: Yasmin Hassane, 26, got her start in bridal when she offered to design a friend's wedding gown on the spur of the moment after working with Céline and Christian Dior. Her namesake line of Haute Couture-inspired bridalwear debuted the following year, combining high design and her ethical attitude with timeless gowns manufactured without the use of synthetic fibers. The Yasmin Hassane bride is described as audacious, seductive, and always elegant on the brand's website. These values originate from Hassane's background in high fashion. She has always been fascinated by Haute Couture, therefore her designs are intended for women who want refined models with distinctive embellishments.

Constance Fournier: Constance Fournier's wedding gowns are a tribute to French haute couture, made just like art work. The tailor-made collection is a lovely mix of magnificent decorations, opulent materials, and vintage silhouettes, and is timeless and classically French. Constance Fournier gowns are only available in their Touraine atelier and are fashioned to order.

Fabienne Alagama: Fabienne Alagama celebrates a modern take on the classic lace bridal gown. Lace comes in a variety of forms, from delicate floral to ornate beaded and 3D styles, each with its own distinct personality. The Fabienne Alagama ready-to-wear collection is not currently available in Ireland, however, it may be ordered online, and the whole collection can be obtained at the Fabienne Alagama stores in Paris, Lyon, and Bruxelles.

Manon Gontero: Marseille-based Manon Gontero aspires to redefine what a wedding dress ‘should' look like by ripping up the bridal bible. Thigh-skimming hemlines, stylish cutouts, and breezy slip-dress-style silhouettes are all hallmarks of Gontero's sassy wedding gowns. Manon Gontero's designs can be purchased at their Marseille showroom, bridal retailers throughout France, and select items on their e-shop.

The French know fashion like the trees know the forest, and when it comes to designer wear for any life occasion, the French fashion designers are held at a status of their own. While all occasions are worthy of a french designer dress, your wedding day sure takes the cake out of them all! Wearing a gorgeous french designer dress on your special day as you walk down the aisle to your lover is a dream which many brides have nurtured in their hearts. With the designers above, one thing is for sure, there is a French designer to suit every bride out there whether she is minimal, bohemian, or romantic, and whether you are hosting a wedding in the ballroom or a rose garden, a traditional ceremony or an elopement. We hope this article helped you know your French designers a little better while narrowing down the options out of the sea of designers out there, whether fresh-off-the-rack or second-hand.


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