The 7 Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit (2022 Reviews) (2023)

The 7 Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit (2022 Reviews) (1)

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CrossFit is a high-impact workout loved by millions. However, you can’t just turn up at the CrossFit gym in a regular pair of shorts. The chance of embarrassment is too high, especially given the explosive nature of many of the movements. Those serious about their CrossFit ambitions need to invest in a good pair of booty shorts for CrossFit. The best booty shorts for CrossFit are designed to offer maximum support without the risk of rupture or slippage.

The last thing anybody wants when they are in the middle of a hard workout is to lose their focus because they are too worried about their shorts falling down and revealing a little too much. Investing in the best booty shorts for CrossFit is more about functionality and comfort than it is showmanship or a sign of gym status or success.

Top 7 Best Workout Booty Shorts for CrossFit: A Full Review

You would be forgiven for thinking that all booty shorts for CrossFit were created equal. However, as with any product, each pair deliver something different. What you are looking for in a pair of workout booty shorts for CrossFit depends on your workout style, your body shape, and your overall personal style.

Below are the seven best workout booty shorts for CrossFit.

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1. Tough Mode – Women’s 3″ Compression WOD Athletic Shorts

The 7 Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit (2022 Reviews) (2)

If their name doesn’t already give it away, these booty huggers are all about the compression and come with a ‘middle of the range’ price tag.

These shorts, made of a functional combination of polyester and nylon, offer a snug fit with good stretch. With significantly more coverage than previously listed options, they provide a ‘safe’ and easy, supportive fit.

Their size range is quite substantial so ensure you consult their sizing guide. As word on the street would have it, they run on the smaller side of things. For those after a bold look, they come in a range of colors and patterns that satisfy.

Whilst reading about what customers had to say, I found that a lot of people chose these as their first pair of CrossFit booty shorts and are not disappointed.

It was mentioned, however, that they end up shorter on your legs than where they started at the beginning of your workout, but that their extra coverage allowed for it without catastrophic consequences.

My favorite thing about these shorts is their fit. In my opinion, with a cut that’s minimal enough to allow you complete freedom of movement, but conservative enough to allow you to workout with peace of mind, you can’t go wrong.


  • Coverage
  • Comfort
  • Colors and designs


  • Sizes run small
  • Matt finish makes them age (aesthetically)


2. Reebok – CrossFit Chase Shorty Short

The 7 Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit (2022 Reviews) (3)

Designed by Reebok, these shorts were developed for the CrossFit enthusiast. Available in just black and white (because we’re here to lift), these classic booty shorts are simple and effective.

Their slim fit and shaped leg opening make for streamlined and unrestricted movement. Made from a combination of nylon and elastane, they are both durable and comfortable, with stretch for days!

With their mid-length cut, they provide good coverage and have an opaque finish for the least exposure!

According to people who have had these shorts grace their booty, they stay in place during the toughest of workouts, they are great quality and have a flattering cut. Sounds good to me!

What I like best about these are their mid-length cut and their opaque finish. They also are free of the front rise seam, unlike most other Crossfit shorts. The only thing I don’t like about these shorts is the non-adjustable waistline

An extra special feature of these Reebok shorts (that totally makes them worth the price), is the little inspirational message within each pair. Ticked a box I didn’t even know existed.


  • Simplistic design
  • Shaped leg opening
  • Opaque finish
  • No front rise seam
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3. CrossFit Superhero – Women’s Booty Boy Shorts

The 7 Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit (2022 Reviews) (4)

Not going to lie, the word ‘superhero’ in the name was an instant attraction for me. But in all seriousness, these women Crossfit shorts aren’t to be messed with.

Made from efficient SUPPLEX©, they provide superior durability and hold with 6-thread double lock stitch seams. And these are booty shorts, through and through, with their butt-lifting abilities!

With the sheer-proof stretch and the added benefit of compression, you can focus on hitting PB’s rather than painful chafing and inappropriate reveals. If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of compression gear for training, this article spells it out.

These shorts keeping ticking boxes with their wide, shape enhancing waistband that holds you in all the right places, without digging in.

They provide great coverage, and what’s better, according to many reviews, they don’t bunch up! Yes, please!

People who purchased this product did comment on the above-average price, but also said that they assume this to be associated with the high quality and exceptional finish. After all, you do get what you pay for!

I can’t not mention the designs. Superheroes.

And as for what I didn’t like? I’m yet to find anything! That they’re not falling from the sky? Maybe!


  • High quality
  • Great coverage
  • Wide waistband
  • Compression component
  • Durability
  • Super cool themes


  • Higher price


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4. Epic MMA Gear – WOD Shorts for Women

The 7 Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit (2022 Reviews) (5)

As the name suggests, CrossFit was in mind when creating these ‘WOD’ shorts for women. A no-frills option? Maybe. But, all the majors are covered!

Consisting of 92% nylon, they are a long-lasting, hard-wearing product that are built to last. Fitting like a glove, they provide comfort and free movement, reinforced by flatlock stitching.

These workout shorts have a short cut, yet a less revealing shape than other short shorts previously reviewed.

I found all the major ‘must-haves’ to be addressed in what their customers had to say too.

I read a lot of independent claims that their fit was true to size, they were comfortable, didn’t require adjusting and worked with all body shapes.

I love the functional simplicity of this product. The only thing I don’t like is the restriction of the low-rise waist. I find a mid to high-rise or adjustable waistband to be most suitable for exercise (and preventing muffin top).

It’s worth mentioning that these beauties come in every color you could dream of!


  • Good fit
  • Durable
  • Good value for money
  • Optimal coverage


  • Non-adjustable waistband


5. Riboom – Women’s Workout Shorts

The 7 Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit (2022 Reviews) (6)

Not your traditional booty shorts, but a good option nonetheless. With two layers comprising of an elastic inner and flowing, outer opening hems, these shorts scream comfort and freedom.

Incorporated into their design is ‘Qwick-dry’ technology for breathability and dryness throughout what’s normally a hot and sweaty affair! Complete with an elastic waistband and drawstring, you won’t have problems getting them to stay up.

They are appropriately placed in the middle of the range, as far as price is concerned, and offer good value for money.

What stands out about these shorts is that they offer the lightweight freedom without being revealing. Wearers love that they aren’t too tight and that they are comfortable around the waist.

Whilst some wearers love the opening hems, others find them to hang awkwardly (specific to body shape). I haven’t worn these shorts, personally, but I feel there is potential for the outer loose layers to get in the way of CrossFit girl business.

Due to their simple fit, they are only available in small, medium, and large. Upon all the reviews I read, this doesn’t seem to pose an issue.

There are three colors to choose from, which makes choosing easy, depending on how you look at it!


  • Ease of fit
  • Comfort
  • Quick-drying material
  • Not revealing
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  • Opening hems
  • Lack of compression


6.Firm Abs – Women’s Performance Athletic Sport Shorts

The 7 Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit (2022 Reviews) (7)

These workout booty shorts provide a good combination of functionality and comfort at an affordable price. Available in a range of trendy colors and in many sizes, there is a pair of these for everyone!

Made from a combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex, these shorts offer a great mix of durability, stretch, and ease of wear. They come with an elastic waistband that can be folded over, offering versatility in wear and a fit that sticks.

According to the reviews I read, girls are loving the fit of these shorts! Flattering, comfortable, soft, figure-enhancing, and easy to move in, were among some of the most common descriptions used.

What I like most about these are their comfort and super cute design. They look good, keep you dry and stay in place. They are, however, on the shorter side of short shorts! If you prefer fuller coverage, these are not for you.

Note, I did read somewhere that the white color option is slightly sheer. Hello, undies.


  • Flattering, good fit
  • Durable
  • Adjustable waistband


  • Minimal coverage
  • Lighter colors can be sheer


7. Firm Abs – Women’s Active Exercise Shorts

The 7 Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit (2022 Reviews) (8)

These booty shorts are also by Firm Abs and are similarly priced, but unique in comparison to the Athletic Sport Shorts.

Composed of 70% cotton, these cuties are the ultimate in breathability and keeping you cool during every WOD! Any garment with over 50% cotton content has health benefits, especially when it comes to working out, which you can read about here.

They also have a spandex component to provide the stretchiness required. What’s particularly awesome about these shorts (especially if you’re into your squats and deadlifts), is their thickness and added lining to prevent that awkward see-through vibe.

The thickness and lining doesn’t seem to be enough to totally protect you in the white option though, according to reviews, but we secretly know this is true to all white garments. Thanks life, for the color coordination curve ball.

A feature I thought I’d mention about these too, is how easy they are to clean and that they are reported to be able to survive multiple washes without fading, shrinking or thinning.

Wearers of these shorts love the quality and fit, though some mentioned they needed to order a size smaller than what they would normally wear.

The high-waisted band on these workout shorts appeals to me. It can be folded down but is more comfortable worn up (and stays put better). I do not like the tassels on the side of these shorts. Cute, but annoying.

(Video) 7 Best CrossFit Shoes 2022 | Top Picks for Lifting, Versatility, and More

The overall cut provides better coverage in comparison to the first shorts listed by Firm Abs, although they still run on the sparser side of things.


  • Thickness and added lining (anti-sheer)
  • Adjustable, secure fitting waistband
  • 70% cotton
  • Long-lasting


  • Annoying tassels
  • Minimal coverage


The Ultimate Buyers Checklist

With so many things to consider when picking the perfect pair of booty shorts, a list to check them against makes for easy work!

Here is my ‘must-have list’. The shorts that meet most or all of these are a safe bet!

  • Adjustable waistband
  • Secure fitting waistband
  • Optimal coverage
  • Reinforced seams
  • Opacity/thickness (anti-sheer)
  • Breathable
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Unrestricted movement
  • No chafing
  • Stay in place
  • Appropriate stretch (spandex/elastane)

Crossfit Booty Shorts Vs. Standard Sports Shorts

If you’re new to the world of women’s workout booty shorts (or CrossFit), you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about and why a standard pair of sport shorts won’t do the trick?

Sports shorts are designed with general activity and movement in mind, for example, athletics, running, and ball sports.

When you enter a realm of fitness, like CrossFit, that requires a full range of movement and constant bending and stretching, sports shorts can be a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Booty shorts (good ones) address a lot of these issues by providing you with compression, comfort, moisture-wicking abilities, squat proof stretchiness… and by keeping your undies hidden, always!

Getting the most out of your CrossFit or any sport also comes down to what you’re wearing – in a big way! Not wearing the right activewear can hinder your performance in more ways than one. If you don’t believe me, you can read about it here.

What are the best booty shorts for CrossFit?

Ultimately, the best body shorts for CrossFit are the ones that you find the most comfortable and can wear, confident that they will see you through to the end of the session. For some people, the key feature of a pair of booty shorts for CrossFit is comfort, while others prefer coverage, with a longer leg and a more forgiving fit.

There is no single best item when talking about CrossFit clothing or gym shorts; there is only the best for you.

Are you an experienced CrossFitter? Do you already have a few trusted pairs of booty shorts for CrossFit? Perhaps you’re looking to start working on that summer body and are shopping for the essentials in order to get going. Let us know in the comments which shorts you prefer. We love hearing from you.

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