Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (2023)

Lack motivation to go to the gym to improve your body shape? Check out the list of the best body slimming apps that will help you understand how you can look without several pounds. Let us call it “fitspiration”. You can also improve regular selfies, group photos and even surpass popular Insta bloggers.

In case you don’t have time to master photo apps to make you skinnier, approach the body retouching service where professional retouchers will make your dreams come true for $5/photo.

  1. FixThePhoto App - Your image editing assistant
  2. Perfect Me - Editing photos using filters
  3. Make Me Slim - Picture frames for funny photos
  4. PicsArt - For Instagram
  5. BodyTune - Ready-made filters for body correction
  6. Spring - Complexion and constitution editing
  7. RetouchMe - AI editing tools
  8. BodyApp - AI editing tools

You probably know the struggle of getting an ideal photo, which usually involves taking a dozen shots. Forget about it. Now you don’t have to suffer and torture yourself. Choose one of these applications and you will look slim in any photograph you take.

1. FixThePhotoApp — Our Choice

Your image editing assistant

  • Image editing experts can refine body shape
  • Quick cellulitis removal
  • Background replacement option
  • Free trial available
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Verdict: With FixThePhoto App, you can easily improve the shape of a body in photos without spending much time. Professional retouchers will correct shapes, make the upper body part athletic, and more. By removing cellulitis and centimeters from waste, specialists can help you achieve the figure of your dream in images.

Import your picture, tell experts what should be improved, and wait until retouchers fulfill your task. The processing time depends on the complexity of editing manipulations, but generally, it doesn’t exceed 24 hours. One more pleasant surprise is the possibility to test the service for free.

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (2)

2. Perfect Me

Scans a body and suggests improvements

  • Intuitive interface
  • Many functions
  • Almost no ads
  • Sometimes freezes

Verdict: Don’t like the picture you’ve taken? Don’t worry since Perfect Me is here to help you out. It is a make skinnier app that can improve any part of your body. No matter what it is ‒ arms, face or legs, this tool will make it slimmer. Mind that all proportions and symmetry are preserved. Thanks to the intuitive controls and scanning system, the app identifies your body parts and modifies them.

This app also offers face editing features. You may whiten your teeth, plump up your lips, improve a nose bridge, etc. In general, you may apply any changes you like to create an appealing look.

There is no need to use filter apps or online photo filters to enhance your pics. The app provides have pre-made filters. Apart from refining your appearance, you may also change the background, blur it or remove some objects.

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (4)

3. Make Me Slim

Suitable for beginners

  • A plethora of functions
  • User-friendly
  • Many filters and frames
  • Auto mode
  • No way to zoom in or turn to an angle

Verdict: Make Me Slim body editor is a user-friendly tool to edit a face, apply filters, stickers, frames, etc. It has three sections ‒ Editing Tool, Feature, and My Work. The first section provides tools to improve your body parts individually. Here, you may set the height of the picture, so that your body looks thinner.

The Feature Section is meant for work with a face. You can make your eyes bigger or smaller, remove a double chin, and more. Plus, you can use stickers and filters to create an interesting image. My Work is the section developed for convenient sharing of your enhanced pics. Thus, you may send the results to your friends or other users.

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (6)

4. PicsArt

Full range of image retouching options

  • User-friendly
  • Creative effects
  • Numerous functions
  • Annoying ads

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (7)


Verdict: Experienced image retouchers will agree that PicsArt may easily replace dozens of modern applications. It is a body editor app that also contains all must-have tools for accurate photo editing. If you are not satisfied with your body shape in the frame, click on the “distort” feature and marvel at the outcome. By the way, you don’t need much time to navigate the app since all the features are neatly arranged at the bottom of the screen.

There are many correction tools you can use manually or automatically. For instance, the app may squeeze your belly or any other body part. PicsArt is also referred to as a good free app to remove unwanted objects from photo, so you will easily get rid of any distractions in the frame.

I would venture to say that when it comes to photo apps to make you skinnier, PicsArt may surpass even Photoshop Express.

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (8)

5. BodyTune

Auto fixing of drawbacks

  • Fast
  • Accurate body correction
  • Many slimming presets
  • Poor customer support service

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (9)


Verdict: Don’t like how you look in the photo? Fortunately, there are many applications to save the situation and BodyTune is among them. It is a body shape editor that can do wonders. It detects your body parts and then you choose what changes to apply. For instance, you may improve your waist or hips. BodyTune offers several variants for you to pick the one you like most.

You are in no way limited when applying these or those changes. You may slim your hips or make them wider. Plus, you can elongate your legs to look taller. The app offers a collection of tattoos to add to your shots.

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (10)

6. Spring

Great app to enhance face and body

  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Possibility to make a person taller
  • Doesn’t show all pictures

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (11)


Verdict: Spring make skinnier app is suitable for those who appreciate realism. This tool won’t turn you into a Miss/Mister Universe but it will definitely make you look better. Without making crucial changes, you will look slimmer and beautiful.

On the one hand, it’s really great since no one will suspect you applied some changes. However, the editing capabilities of the app aren’t really broad. Anyway, you may still make you skinnier in the group photo.

Plus, you may change the size of your head. It’s better to choose the area you need to correct manually since auto recognition isn’t accurate enough. You can make yourself taller and your head smaller to stick to logical proportions.

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (12)

7. RetouchMe

Realistic image retouching

  • Possibility to earn coins to unblock paid functions
  • High-quality image retouching
  • Accurate photo editing
  • It takes long to earn coins

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (13)


Verdict: If you are looking for a universal application that can improve your appearance from head to foot, RetouchMe is exactly what you need. Not only allows this app to make a person slimmer, but it can also improve a face and add accessories. You just have to upload a necessary photo and start editing.

If you want to make a person in the frame slimmer, choose the “body” category. Here you can make substantial changes as well as slight ones.

Working with the face, you may remove wrinkles, slim cheeks and nose, plump your lips, etc. This app, like a magic wand, conceals all visible defects. You may improve the hairdo, add suntan, remove tattoos, make the breast bigger and waist slimmer, etc. In general, RetouchMe allows turning any person into a Hollywood star.

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (14)

8. BodyApp

Full body correction

  • Body correction
  • Waist editing
  • Accentuates curves
  • Elongates legs
  • Slight bags

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (15)


Verdict: You don’t have to sweat in the gym to look slim in a photo! BodyApp will cover the hardest part. It is a make skinnier app highly popular among women. You may highlight the curves, change the waistline, improve breast and butt, make your legs slimmer and longer.

However, this tool might be also used by men to add muscles, make the body thinner, remove or add a beard. It also helps improve the skin tone. Add suntan or tattoos to improve your look. You can control the intensiveness of each parameter and choose among different forms.

It means that you can choose various forms of abs to see what suits you best. All the edits you make look realistic since the app intuitively ads shades where necessary.

Top 8 Body Slimming Apps in 2023 (16)

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